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     ·       Indian Economy 2008-2009: Challenges of Sustaining Dynamism in the Context of Global Financial Crisis, New Delhi: India International Centre and Shipra Publications, 2009


·       Asia’s New Regionalism and Global Role: Agenda for the East Asia Summit, Singapore and New Delhi: RIS and ISEAS Press, 2008 (Nagesh Kumar, K. Kesavapany and Yao Chaocheng, co-editors).


·       International Infrastructure Development in East Asia, Tokyo: ERIA/ IDE/JETRO, 2008 (Nagesh Kumar, Editor).


·       International Competitiveness and Knowledge-based Industries in India, Oxford University Press, 2007 (ISBN 13978019568671-5) (co-editor and principal author).


·       Environmental Requirements and Market Access: Reflections from South Asian Experiences, New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2006, (Nagesh Kumar and Sachin Chaturvedi, co-editors).


·       India-ASEAN Partnership: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization, New Delhi and Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and RIS (Nagesh Kumar, Rahul Sen and Mukul Asher, co-editors), 2005.


·       Towards an Asian Economic Community: Building a New Asia, Singapore and New Delhi: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, and RIS (editor and contributor) 2005.


·       Reforms, Labour Markets and Social Security in India, Oxford University Press, 2004 (co-editor with Ramgopal Agarwala and Michelle Riboud) under the joint auspices of RIS and the World Bank.


·       Protecting Foreign Investment: Implications of a WTO Regime and Policy Options, London: Zed Press, 2003, ISBN 1 84277 182 5 (jointly with Carlos Correa).


·       Globalization and the Quality of Foreign Direct Investment, Oxford University Press, 2002, (ISBN 0195658590).


·       Indian Economy under Reforms: An Assessment of Economic and Social Impact, New Delhi: Bookwell, 2000, (ISBN 81-85040-42-7) (Editor and a contributor).


·       Globalization, Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer: Impact on and Prospects for Developing Countries, (by Nagesh Kumar in collaboration with John H. Dunning, Robert E. Lipsey, Jamuna Agarwal and Shujiro Urata), London & New York: Routledge, 1998, ISBN 0-415-19111-4.


·       Technology, Market Structure and Internationalization: Issues and Policies for Developing Countries, London and New York: Routledge, 1997, ISBN 0-415-16925-9 (by Nagesh Kumar and NS Siddharthan).


·       Multinational Enterprises and Industrial Organization: The Case of India, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1994 (a revised and updated Indian edition of Multinational Enterprises in India, London and New York: Routledge, 1990).


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·       Biotechnology Revolution and the Third World: Challenges and Policy Options, New Delhi: RIS, 1988, 451 pp. (Editor and contributor).


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